Dr. Redbeard

Dr. Redbeard
LocationYakushi Village
FamilyBrother: Dr. Bluebeard

Dr. Redbeard is a new character in Okamiden. He resides in Yakushi Village and is the founder of it. He decided to found Yakushi Village after he came across a fertile and well-lit piece of land that he could use to help the sick. However, it upsets him when nobody comes to live there. Dr. Redbeard is a famous doctor who is known by all throughout Nippon. He uses his herbs to create medicines for his patients. He has a younger brother who lives in Sei'an City and is also a doctor, Dr. Bluebeard.

He carries around what looks to be a Squash in a similar fashion to Mr. & Mrs. Orange and their oranges.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Dr. Redbeard is first met when Chibiterasu appears from the Celestial Plain in Yakushi Village. However, he does not have an important role in the plot till later on.

Chibiterasu must banish Demons from his house so that he will make medicine for Tama. However, when he finds out the medicine is for Tama he will refuse to make it as Tama has often stole his herbs to make fireworks. But he soon changes his mind when Chibiterasu takes him to see Ayame, who is waiting for fireworks as they are the one thing she wants to see before she dies. He lets Chibiterasu take the medicine to Tama so she will not be disappointed.

Later, using his brother Dr. Bluebeard's herbs he makes a medicine so powerful that it cure Ayame's illness.

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