First AppearanceOkami
Location(s)Dragon Palace
DistinctionsTransformation into Water Dragon
Ability to survive on land and in water
Mostly female
Famous MembersOtohime
King Wada
Dragon Dancer

The Draconians are a race of people who live in the Dragon Palace under the sea. The are human in appearance and although they live under the ocean it is not mention where they can breath underwater and the Palace itself seems to have air. They are shown to be both part fish and human, some even having fish like appendages on their heads and bodies. As they live under the sea their clothing is made out of shells and scales, some of it being very revealing.

Their royal family is Otohime, her late husband King Wada and their unborn child. The royal family have the power to transform into a Water Dragon, which is possibly something that made them royal inn the past. They also seem to have a series of councillors but it is not sure what role they serve in authority. Their deity is the Water Dragon however we find out that they do not control it and it's negative actions affect them just as much as everyone else.

It should also be noted that bar the now dead Kind Wada there is no other males in the whole race, however this has never been explained and the Draconians themselves never even mention it.


[edit] Okamiden

Although the Dragon Palace and most of the Draconians do not reappear, Otohime makes a reappearance when Chibiterasu and Kurow travel three months into the past and land on the Goryeo. She transforms into the Water Dragon to help them reach Sage Shrine. He vassal, Nanami appears and it one of Chibiterasu's partners.

In the ending scene, Otohime and her baby appear in one of the ending shots.

[edit] Trivia

  • Artwork of Otohime and her child shows that the their fins and other aquatic attachments are not clothing but rather part of them.

[edit] Notable Members

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