Dragon Orb

Dragon Orb
The Dragon Orb in the belly of the Water Dragon
TypeUnobtainable Key Item
LocationWith Draconians
Obtainable InOkami

The Dragon Orb is a very sacred treasure to the Draconians. It is used by royal Draconians to transform into the Water Dragon. It is blue in colour and it has a dragon decoration coiled around it.
Amaterasu and Issun find it stuck in the stomach of the previous Water Dragon, King Wada and they must use stomach acid to free it. However after it has been dislodged the Water Dragon begins to die.

After Ammy returns it, Otohime prays to it to transform into the new Water Dragon so she can break the Oni Island's barrier.

In Okamiden, Otohime transforms into the Water Dragon, although she does not use the Dragon Orb. However, as Chibiterasu must help her by drawing Sunrise on her body when prompted, we see that the Dragon Orb is not essential to the transformation but rather it gives the user the energy and power they need.

[edit] Items Entry

"A dragon's spirit made solid. Used to control the Water Dragon."

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