TypeHub Area
Connects ToWawku Shrine
Ark of Yamato
Divine Springs
Bull Charger
Igloo Turtle
Notable Inhabitant(s)Tuskle
ItemsStray Beads
Sun Fragment

Ezofuji is an Okami exclusive area. It is the most northern region of Nippon, it lies just past the village of Wep'keer. It gets it's name from the two volcanic mountains it lies at the base off. From here Amaterasu can get access to Wawku Shrine and the Ark of Yamato.

Amaterasu must gain access to Ezofuji from Kemu, Wep'keer's Elder. However there is not much she can do when she first arrives but in order to travel to Yoshpet she must go there.


[edit] Laochi Lake

This is the most notable area of Ezofuji. It is a giant frozen lake that lies right in the middle of the area, it also has the Ark of Yamato frozen in it. The alter of Kutone lies right in front of it and this is where the Volcanic Incantation is said.

[edit] Ezufuji

Ezofuji's Twin Peaks
Monsters ascending from Lake Laochi

These are the twin volcanoes that lie just beyond Laochi Lake. According to the Oina Tribe they are the guardians of Kamui. Because of the Volcanic Incantation they erupt every year to leave the lands of Kamui fertile and warm. You can see the twin mountains from the high point in Shinshu Field.
The Twin Demons Lechku and Nechku lay sleeping in Ezofuji until the calls of the Ark of Yamato awoken them and caused them to wreak havoc.

[edit] Affun Gate

Beyond the Lake lies the path leading to the giant gate that guards Wawku Shrine. The gate however remains locked until you return from the Spirit Gate as Oki breaks it open. Beside the gate is the house of Tuskle who is the Oina Shaman, talking to her will grant you Sewaprolo which allows access to Yoshpet.

[edit] Origins

Ezofuji is based off Mount Yotei in Hokkaido, Japan. Mount Yotei is also called Ezofuji. "Ezo" comes from the traditional Ainu name for Hokkaido and "fuji" comes from the opinion that Mount Yotei resembles Mount Fuji

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