Fire Beast

Fire Beast
First EncounterMoon Cave
Attack(s)Fire Blast
Flying Swoop

Fire Beast is a new enemy found in Okamiden, being first encountered in Moon Cave nine months in the past. It is part of a trio of elemental horselike beasts.

This beast is covered by the very fires of Hell itself. While these fires are the source of it's power, its fuel is the souls of those it has consumed.

[edit] Strategy

It attacks by using its hooves to lash out at Chibiterasu, summoning a blast of its fire powers. It can also use the wheels on its shoulders to fly in the air and if it is not knocked out of the air in time, it will make a swooping charge at Chibiterasu. Galestorm can be used to knock it from the sky and leave it momentarily stunned. It will be invulnerable to attack until Chibiterasu removes its fire with Galestorm or Waterspout.

[edit] Based On

It appears to be based on the Qilin from Chinese mythology. It resembles it greatly in appearance and has powers over fire, much like the Qilin.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A demonic steed ablaze with the very fires of hell itself. The hellfires are its power, and the victims consumed are its fuel."

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