Flame Jelly

Flame Jelly
First EncounterSage Shrine Path
WeaknessesCelestial Brush

These are jellyfish creatures that can be found in Okamiden. They are the flaming spirits of those who die at sea. They travel around the oceans, sucking the souls out of the legs of those swimmers unlucky enough to come too close.

They are Sentry Beast, meaning they appear outside of Demon Scrolls. They only make an appearance in the route to Sage Shrine, making them a tiny enemy that would normally go unnoticed by Chibiterasu if he were not shrunk by the Lucky Mallet. They simply float along the same path as an obstacle on the side scrolling route to Sage Shrine. They can easy be destroyed with Chibiterasu's Weapons or with Power Slash. However, if they are touched they will hurt Chibiterasu and paralyse him with their electrical current so he risks being killed by the side scrolling screen.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Those who lose their lives at sea find their spirits take the form of a fiery jellyfish. They like to suck the souls from swimmers' legs."

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