Floral Finisher

Floral Finisher
Power(s)Produces Demon Fangs or Demon Parts from dead Demons

Floral Finisher is a special attack that Amaterasu can use after defeating an enemy. Every enemy has a specific Brush Stoke that will make then give out Demon Fangs if used on them. As much as five Demon Fangs can be received from some enemies. However you must know the correct time to use them it if you want it to work. When an enemies life bar has been depleted they will be flung up into the air and they will freeze momentarily before coming down and bursting into flowers, when they are frozen you need to use the correct Brush Stroke.

Enemy Brush Stroke No. of Fangs
Green Imp Power Slash 1
Red Imp Power Slash 1
Yellow Imp Power Slash 1
Blue Imp Galestorm 1
Black Imp Power Slash 3
Headless Guardian Cherry Bomb 2
Bell Guardian Power Slash 2
Halo Guardian Cherry Bomb 2
Executioner Guardian Cherry Bomb 2
Namahage Galestorm 1
Blade Namahage Galestorm 2
Bucket Namahage Cherry Bomb 3
Umbrella Namahage Galestorm 2
Cannon Namahage Galestorm 3
Clay Soldier Veil of Mist 1
Clay Samurai Veil of Mist 2
Clay Drummer Veil of Mist 2
Clay Flyer Power Slash 2
Clay Shogun Veil of Mist 3
Bud Ogre Bloom 1
Chimera Power Slash 2
Igloo Turtle Inferno 2
Dead Fish Power Slash 1
Crow Tengu Galestorm 1
Ubume Veil of Mist 2
Fire Eye Galestorm 2
Ice Mouth Inferno 2
Thunder Ear Galestorm 2
Earth Nose Veil of Mist 3
Fire Doom Mirror Galestorm 2
Ice Doom Mirror Inferno 2
Thunder Doom Mirror Power Slash 2
Wind Doom Mirror Veil of Mist 3
Poltergeist Galestorm 5
Ichiro Thunderstorm 2
Jiro Thunderstorm 5
Saburo Thunderstorm 2
Blue Cyclops Deluge 5
Great Tengu Blizzard 5
Red Ogre Thunderstorm 5
Blue Ogre Thunderstorm 5
Bull Charger Inferno 5
Dogu Power Slash 4
Tube Fox Power Slash 1

[edit] Okamiden

Floral Finishers return in Okamiden. The procedure is similar to Okami however they do not drop Demon Fangs. Instead they will drop Demon Parts which can be brought to the Blacksmith in Yakushi Village to upgrade Weapons.

Some enemies such as the Green Imp, do not have Floral Finishers. Other enemies will only drop Demon Parts after a special requirement is met. These include the Red Imp who will only drop parts after his wheel has been destroyed and the Bone Clam and the Demon Nut whose Floral Finishers can only be used if they have been left alive and Bloomed.

Some enemies produce alternate drops if they are Floral Finished with Power Slash instead of their usual Floral Finisher. These include Spinning Tops, Snake Sashes, Demon Nuts and Bone Clams. Their alternative drop is an elemental crystal (either fire, lightening or water) that can be used inside the arena on enemies with an elemental weakness. These crystals cannot be picked up and will eventually disappear. Bone Clams and Demon Nuts will automatically crop them after being bloomed.

Enemy Brush Stroke Demon Part
Red Imp Power Slash 1 Demon Bone
Yellow Imp Cherry Bomb 2 Demon Bones
Blue Imp Power Slash 2 Demon Bones
Black Imp Magnetism 2 Demon Skin
"Old Green Imp" Power Slash 1 Demon Skin
"Old Red Imp" Power Slash 1 Demon Liver
Green Imp? Power Slash 2 Demon Skins
Bone Clam Power Slash 1 Demon Bone
Snake Sash Thunderstorm 1 Demon Bone
Demon Nut Cherry Bomb 1 Demon Skin
Dokuro Cherry Bomb 4 Demon Skins
Water Nymph Power Slash 1 Demon Liver
Fire Beast Water Spout 2 Demon Skins
Ice Beast Inferno 2 Demon Livers
Spark Beast Galestorm 2 Demon Livers
Death Beast Cherry Bomb 3 Demon Livers
Clay Soldier Cherry Bomb 2 Demon Skins
Clay Samurai Cherry Bomb 1 Demon Liver
Fire Eye Waterspout 3 Demon Bones
Ice Lip Inferno 1 Demon Skin
Thunder Ear Galestorm 2 Demon Skins
Three-Faced Top Varies on the form it has upon death 1 Demon Liver
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