TypeRestorative Item
Obtained FromVaries
Obtainable InOkami

Food comes in many different varieties and can be found in lots of different ways. Amaterasu uses it to fill her Astral Pouch and any food obtained if the pouch is full is turned into Yen. Strangely a lot of the food Amaterasu eats is vegetarian even though she is a wolf. It does not appear in Okamiden as Chibiterasu lacks an Astral Pouch.

She can get food from others people for reasons such as helping them, because the person is nice and even as a distraction so that Amaterasu will not eat them. Amaterasu can also get food for herself by foraging by Digging, reviving dead trees and even Power Slashing a plant in the hope that they leave some food. Certain foodstuffs can only be gotten from a specific source, for example Amaterasu will only get Millet Dumplings from Momotaro and Cherry Cakes from Mrs Orange. Certain characters will give Amaterasu food every time she interacts with them, such as Yoichi and his apples and the Samurai Dandy and his roasted meat. Other foods can only be gotten in a specific area, for example Power Slashing the orange above Mr. and Mrs. Orange's house will yield "Kamiki Orange" and Sasa Sanctuary has a table full of banquet food.

When a new food is first encountered, a notification will appear on screen. Subsequent times after that a little image of the food will appear in the bottom of the screen, each time it is obtained. Apart from this, Amaterasu cannot see the food in her Astral Pouch and there is no list of them.

However Amaterasu cannot eat Feedbags or the Fish she carries around. She also cannot buy or sell food.

There are four different types of categories that food falls into depending on how much they fill up the Astral Pouch or Yen they give when the Astral Pouch is full;

  • Some foods fill it only a little bit e.g. apples, oranges, peaches, radish. These foods are the types Amaterasu can find commonly such as in pots or buried in the ground. They fill the pouch by one point and give 10 Yen when it is full.
  • Some foods fill the Astral Pouch a little more e.g. roasted meat, Kamiki orange, Sasa Cake, Sasa Fruit, Millet Dumplings. These food pieces are rarer and can usually only be gotten in a specific place such as the "Kamiki Orange" and Sasa Sanctuary's banquet food. They fill the Astral Pouch five points and give 50 Yen when it is full.
  • Some fill the Astral Pouch greatly e.g. cherry cakes and bamboo shoots. They fil up the Astral Pouch by ten food points and give 100 Yen when it is full.
  • Finally, some foods fill it up completely (200 food points). These are rare and can only be gotten by completing tasks for people. Yama will give Amaterasu rice stew when he is helped and Umi will hand out Sashimi. They give 2000 Yen when the Astral Pouch is full.

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