Gale Shrine

Gale Shrine
Connects ToKusa Village
Notable Inhabitant(s)Yatsu
Princess Fuse
Canine Warriors
ItemsGalestorm Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Life Beads
Sun Fragment

Gale Shrine is a dungeon located underneath the giant windmill on top of Mount Kamiji in Kusa Village. Amaterasu learns the brush technique Galestorm here and she uses it to restart the windmill curing Kusa Village of the evil, diseased air. As well as the larger windmill being the most prominent feature, the Shrine features many smaller windmills. Amaterasu cannot gain access to it without the help of Princess Fuse and the Canine Warriors as the Crimson Helm placed a barrier on it that can only be broken with the Satomi Power Orbs. She also meets Yatsu outside of the entrance.

The boss of Gale Shrine is Crimson Helm and he protects the Serpent Crystal which can break the barrier to Moon Cave. The many fire puzzles in the Shrine are symbolic of his presence.

[edit] Storyline

Gale Shrine was protected by Kazegami and the Canine Warriors of the Satomi House. For 100 years after the Orochi's death, the Crimson Helm who was created from the Orochi had been leading evil forces in a war against Taka Pass and the surrounding areas. After the Orochi had been freed the Crimson Helm it finally had enough power and seized this chance to kill Yatsu, the protector of the Shrine, allowing the Shrine to fall into the hands of Demons. The Crimson Helm eventually managed to cease the Divine Wind from blowing and force Kazegami into hiding, causing Kusa Village to become cursed and diseased.

Nobody bar Susano noticed what had happened in Gale Shrine however it was certain that evil had stopped the divine wind from blowing over the lands. However, Amaterasu who was looking for a relic to break the barrier to Moon Cave, eventually stumbled upon the problems in the Shrine and thus defeated the evil.

[edit] Trivia

  • After you defeat the Orochi, Princess Fuse and her five remaining Canine Warriors will be found in Gale Shrine. They are there trying to hone their skills and Princess Fuse will ask Amaterasu to test their strength. The Battle has two stages, in the first stage Amaterasu will have to battle the five Canine Warriors that returned to Princess Fuse. In the second stage Amaterasu has to battle the three Canine Warriors that decided to leave Princess Fuse. After the battle Princess Fuse explains to Amaterasu that the Canine Warriors are always together in spirit even if they are not physically together. Beating them will earn you Praise and a Stray Bead.

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