Contraption Maker Gen
LocationSei'an City (Okami)
Moon Tribe Ruins (Okamiden)

Gen is proclaimed to be the best mechanic in all of Nippon. He designed the mechanisms for the Gojo Bridge that links Sei'an City's Commoner and Aristocratic Quarter's together along with other important things. He can be found at the top of a building in Sei'an City's Aristocratic Quarter and can only be reached by catwalking up the side of a building.
He is a very eccentric person and fits the mad scientist persona very well. He shows this in his inventions which are often too far-fetched to create. Issun points out that his current invention isn't even made properly.

[edit] Role in the Plot

When Amaterasu and Issun first meet him he is working on an invention he calls the Lightningbringer. However he is missing one part, the Gimmick Gear and he requests Amaterasu's help in locating it. Amaterasu can win it after beating Ida in a race three times. When she brings it back to Gen she needs to draw a thunderbolt shape on the invention as some copper wire is missing. This summons Gekigami who teaches Amaterasu Thunderbolt.

[edit] Okamiden

Gen makes a reappearance in Okamiden. He still loves to mess around with machines and whenever he sees something he has never seen before, he loves nothing more than to make one of his own. During Okamiden, he, along with the Lady Scholar and a team of excavators explore the Moon Tribe Ruins. However, King Fury scares them off and Gen gets trapped in their haste to escape. Chibiterasu and Kurow must then save him. As it turns out, he was forced into reactivating Daidarabotchi by the Demons in the Ruins. He feels complied into doing so, and succeeds, as he felt there was nothing he could do against the Demons.

Gen as he appears in Okamiden
Gen's Lightning Bringer

We are then informed by the Thunders that Gen often summons their help to create electricity to power his machines. This is why their thunder is making most of the Ruins inaccessible.

When he is saved, Chibiterasu and Kurow find out he is building a machine, however he is not even sure what it does. Kurow informs him that it is actually a time machine and he and Chibiterasu use it.

[edit] Based On

Gen is based on Hiraga Gennai, a Japanese inventor who lived in the 1800's. He is famous for his Elekiter which is an electrostatic generator. This is where his relation with electricity in Okami comes from.

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