Gold Dust

Gold Dust
TypePower Up
Obtained FromMerchants
Treasure Chests
Side Quests
Obtainable InOkami

Gold Dust is a rare item that "brings out the potential of a Weapon". It multiplies the damage a "dusted" weapon does by 1.5x. However a dusted weapon will not become stronger than the next tier weapon of the same type and the same weapon can only be dusted once.


[edit] Obtaining

There are 15 bags of Gold Dust available for powering up weapons on your first play through allowing each weapon to be power up. They can be bought from certain Merchants for between 15,000 and 25,000 Yen, gotten as a reward for completing a Wanted List or even found in Treasure Chests.

When you start a New Game + your weapons will be dusted if they were in your old file, fifth tier weapons will be dusted when you obtain them again but only if they were dusted in your previous file. Merchants will not sell the Gold Dust in the new game if you have bought it from them however you can still get them from Wanted lists etc. They are useless though as each weapon can only have one power up but they can be sold.

[edit] Use

Gold Dust's use explained

If you select to use the Gold Dust in your items inventory your equipment inventory will be brought up, from there you can select your weapon. Previously dusted weapons will be greyed out and you will be unable to select them.
When you equip them dusted weapons will have a gold circle around them if you view them in your equipment inventory.

[edit] Power Increase

[edit] Reflectors

Name Initial Attack Power Attack Power After Gold Dust
Divine Retribution 1.0 1.3
Snarling Beast 1.5 2.0
Infinity Judge 2.3 3.2
Trinity Mirror 5.2 7.3
Solar Flare 11.0 15.4

[edit] Rosaries

Name Initial Attack Power Attack Power After Gold Dust
Devout Beads 1.0 1.3
Life Beads 1.5 1.9
Exorcism Beads 2.1 2.8
Resurrection Beads 3.4 4.8
Tundra Beads 5.0 7.0

[edit] Glaives

Name Initial Attack Power Attack Power After Gold Dust
Tsumugari 1.0 1.3
Seven Strike 2.2 2.9
Blade of Kusanagi 3.5 4.6
Eighth Wonder 5.3 6.9
Thunder Edge 8.0 10.0
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