Golden Gates

Golden Gate
TypeGame Mechanic
FoundBefore most key events

Golden Gates are essentially Golden Gates that make a temporary save file for Amaterasu when she passes through them. If she is killed in a dungeon she will return to the gate, however they do not work like Origin Mirrors. The save file that the Golden Gate creates is wiped if the player turns of the game so they need to save at an Origin Mirror first. They are found in key places in dungeons, usually before a big boss fight.

They also do not restore Solar Energy and Ink Pots when Amaterasu passes through them.


[edit] Locations of Golden Gates

Below is a list of Golden Gate in order of when you first encounter them.

[edit] Tsuta Ruins

Just before meeting the Spider Queen.

[edit] Gale Shrine

Just before battling the Crimson Helm.

[edit] Moon Cave

Just before battling the Orochi.

[edit] Sunken Ship

Just before the open roofed room where you can change the water level.

On the high wall near the cannon.

[edit] The Emperor's Palace

Near the start of the dungeon after having been shrunk by the Lucky Mallet.

After getting past the sweeping guards by using Veil of Mist.

Just before reaching the ceiling beams where you enter The Emperor.

Just before going inside the Emperor and fighting Blight.

[edit] Oni Island

Just after you have arrived.

On the 3rd floor, after learning Thunderstorm.

On the 6th floor, just before the final race with Tobi.

[edit] Moon Cave

After entering the Spirit Gate, just before fighting the True Orochi.

[edit] Wawku Shrine

On the 4th floor, before fighting the Great Tengu for the first time.

On the 6th floor, just before fighting Nechku.

On the 4th floor again, however this time just before fighting Lechku and Nechku.

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