Great Tengu

Great Tengu
Great Tengu.jpg
First EncounterWawku Shrine
Attack(s)Fury Mode, Acid, Whirlwinds
Weapon(s)Nose (Fury Mode)

Great Tengus have a red face with an extremely long nose and they fly around with great feathered wings. They are based on the Japanese mythical creature of the same name. They are also very similar to Blue Cyclops as they both have a "fury mode", however they are a lot stronger. They are first encountered in Wawku Shrine and their Floral Finisher is Blizzard

[edit] Attacks

They can hurt Amaterasu by spewing out puddles of acid and by creating whirlwinds. As well as their regular attack, Great Tengu's can also enter "fury mode". While they are in this state they become invincible and their attacks are very powerful. However they will only enter this mode if they are hit by Inferno and if this is to happen they need to be cooled down with Waterspout or Blizzard.

[edit] Based On

Great Tengu's appear to be closely based of the Japanese mystical creature of the same name. Their appearance in Okami is almost identical to how Tengu are portrayed in Japanese art.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

Beastiary Entry for Great Tengu in "Fury Mode"

"Formerly one who cloistered himself in the mountains for training, this fearsome creature is a tough foe. The Tengu-masked bird often hides itself and should be stopped before showing its true form. It trains with water and ice to grow strong."

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