Greater Monster

Greater Monster
First EncounterSunken Ship
WeaknessesSpiked Barrels

This is found in the bottom room of the Sunken Ship. It resembles a seaweed monster and will hurt Amaterasu if she touches it. It is immobile but seems to pulsate. It can be killed by draining the room of water and rolling over it a few times with a spiked barrel. When the room is flooded with water, it will create hands of seaweed to try and hurt Amaterasu. If Amaterasu is in the water, the hands with rise up beneath her and try to squish her in their grasp. If she is walking on the bridge that travels horizontally across the room, they will sweep across the bridge in a slapping motion. Amaterasu can easily jump the hands as their fingers are often bent back to leave a jumpable gap.

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