Guardian Saplings

Guardian Sapling
FoundAll over Nippon

Guardian Saplings are large Cherry Blossom trees found in Nippon and there are seven in total. They grow from the roots of Konohana, so they are also extensions of Sakuya. They protect the lands and it's people, however, the Orochi's curse withers them so the lands around them become cursed. They need to be revived with Bloom to free the land and restore life to nature. When Bloomed the curse will be blown away with a shower of Cherry Blossom petals and you will receive some Praise.
Sakuya revives Amaterasu and tasks her with the job of reviving her saplings to destroy all the evil in Nippon. In Okamiden, it is Chibiterasu who is tasked with this duty. When Amaterasu first enters an area, she will not be able to progress any further in it until she revives the area's Guardian Sapling. This is because the cursed area around it will quickly drain Amaterasu/Chibiterasu of her/his Solar Energy. However, this is not the case of the Shinshu Field Sapling, in Okami, as Amaterasu will not have learned Bloom when she firsts meet it and so must make her way around the cursed zone to Hana Valley.


[edit] Locations in Okami

Below is a list of the seven Guardian Saplings of Nippon. They are in order of when you first revive them.

[edit] Hana Valley

This is the first Sapling you get to bloom however it is the second you meet.

[edit] Shinshu Field

This is the first Sapling you meet, however, as you do not know Bloom yet you have to move onto Hana Valley before you can some back and revive it. It is found in the middle of the field near the river.

[edit] Agata Forest

It is hidden in a cave. You need to travel along a tiny stretch of uncursed land between the cliff edge and the side of the lake. You will then need to bomb a crack in the wall to reach it.

[edit] Taka Pass

It is found in another smaller field that requires you to travel through a small tunnel.

[edit] Ryoshima Coast

You need to travel through a series of caves while using Water Spout to fill each cave's pool. Finally, you need to water the tree to make it grow and after if has matures you can bloom it.

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast

Waka has already bloomed it before you reach the area.

[edit] Kamui

It is hidden in a rock that needs to be hit by Yoichi's arrows that have been electrified by Thunderstorm.

[edit] Okamiden

Three months after the events of Okami, evil returns to plague Nippon. As before this evil strips the land of it's beauty and withers the Guardian Saplings. Chibiterasu soon appears from the Celestial Plain to banish this evil and once again restore the Guardian Saplings to removed the cursed lands. However, during the events Konohana gets severely damaged by a thunder strike and even Bloom is not enough to restore life back to it alone. Instead Rejuvenation also must be used. After this, Sakuya tasks Chibiterasu with the duty of reviving all her Guardian Saplings.

Like in Okami, Guardian Saplings remain in the same place, excluding the ones that no longer appear. There is also much less of them. The cursed zone also reappears, however unlike Okami, Chibiterasu will be blocked by an invisible wall and unable to enter it.

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