Guardian Statues

Guardian Statues
A Guardian Statue recieving an offering
TypeSide Quest
Obtained FromNameless Man
FoundShinshu Field
Obtainable InOkami

Guardian Statues are small altar-like shrines found around Shinshu Field. They are part of a side quest for Praise, however you cannot start it until you clear Shinshu Field of its Demon Gates and restore the Nameless Man's kiln, and the quest cannot be completed until defeating Orochi. If you examine one before this Issun will mention that they look lonely.

If you talk to the Nameless Man after his kiln returns he will give you a pot which Amaterasu must bite and bring to one of the five statues, which will then give out Praise. It does not matter which statue you bring a certain pot to. If you talk to the Nameless Man after you have offered to all the statues he will give you a Stray Bead.

[edit] Locations

  • At a Crossroads near the centre of the Field.
  • On an uphill path near the Dojo.
  • Inside a cave beside the Kabegami Statue.
  • On the beach near Moon Cave on the North side of the slope down.
  • After defeating Orochi one is at the end of the sandbar, through the gates that led to the Moon Cave.

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