Granted byMichigami
LocationCave of Nagi
Power(s)Creates a path that Chibiterasu's partner follows

Guidance is an Okamiden exclusive Brush Technique thought by Michigami. It grants Chibiterasu the power to guide his partner over predetermined paths that they cannot cross together. Its constellation is found in The Cave of Nagi.

The "X" button must be used to dismount Chibiterasu's partner before use and then the Celestial Brush should be used to draw the path they are to follow. Red Holy Smoke will emanate from Chibiterasu's partner and it will turn into red ink as the path is drawn from them. If there is an item at the end of the path that Chibiterasu's partner can interact with, red Holy Smoke will emanate from that too. When Chibiterasu has put away his Celestial Brush after drawing the path, the red ink will turn to a gold smoke as his partner follows it. If the path is drawn over a place where the partner cannot walk, they will simply stop following the path.

Any intractable item at the end of the path, will automatically be interacted with by the partner after they have finished following the path. If a Treasure Chest is opened, the Item will float above the partners head but will not be added to the inventory until the partner remounts.

Some landless gaps can even be crossed. If the path ends in mid air, the partner will float in the air for a few seconds before falling. This gives time for Chibiterasu to draw them a new path before they fall.

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