Master of Thieves Hayazo
LocationSei'an City

Hayazo is a thief who can be found in Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarters. You will hear stories of him from the people that he has stolen from. You need to beat him in races in order to get the stolen possessions back. Return all the possessions for Praise and a Stray Bead.


[edit] Finding Him

If you speak to the large Tao Trooper beside the small lake to the east of the city at night, he will tell you that it would be easier to find Hayazo if all the torches where lighting.

After you defeat Blight, you can use Fireburst to light all the giant stone torches in the city. When they are all alight you can Power Slash a large rock near the large Trooper to make Hayazo appear. He will challenge you to a race to win back the stolen item.

When the race starts, Hayazo will split into a number of colour coded copies. The copies must be hit with the correct brush technique in the correct order for them to be destroyed. When you have hit all of the copies Hayazo will be defeated. You have till Sunrise to do this, of course the night can also be prolonged with the use of Crescent.

When you are striking him with a Brush Technique you need to use the basic techniques as Secret Brush Techniques strike all of the copies at once. He will always run near canals and touches so you are in contact with sources.

The various colour codes are:

[edit] First Race

In this race Hayazo will split into two copies and will run around the Commoner's Quarters. When you defeat him he will drop the glass watch which belongs to the Samurai Dandy. He will give you 20 Praise for returning it and will give Amaterasu a further reward of Food every time she speaks to him afterwards.

[edit] Second Race

To get Hayazo to appear this time you need to Power Slash the rock by the Tao Trooper. He will split into three copies this time but defeat him like before. He will drop the Millet Dumplings which belong to Momotaro. He can be found near Raiden is found and he will give 20 Praise as a reward. Each time you talk to him he will give Amaterasu some of his Millet Dumplings for her to eat.

[edit] Third Race

This time he will split into four copies and he can be found in the same boulder as the first time. He will give the Chrysanthemum Hairpin when defeated, you can give this to the depressed drunk man in Yama's restaurant at night for 20 Praise. Talking to him again after clearing Wawku Shrine nets you a further 50 Praise.

[edit] Fourth Race

This is your final race with Hayazo and you need to clear Oni Island before you can race him, this is because you need to know the Brush Technique, Thunderstorm. If you try to race him before this he will simply taunt you and run off.
In this race Hayazo splits into five but the same technique is used. He can be found in the rock by the Tao Trooper.

If you do not have the fifth tier Glaive, Thunder Edge or the Secret Brush Technique, Thunderbolt you can use Raiden the lightning ghost as a source of electricity. He is found opposite Mr. Chic's kimono shop in the night time.

When you defeat him for the last time he will drop the Tao Mask and disappear forever, claiming he wants to be a detective. The Tao Mask can then be picked up to be carried back on Amaterasu's face to it's proper owner. If it is not picked up on time you can Power Slash the rock where you found Hayazo and it will be there.

The mask's owner is another Tao Trooper, Abe. He can be found in their base high above the Commoner's Quarters. It can be reached by filling up the dried up pond beside the Trooper with water from the canal. The you can use Waterspout to make a fountain reaching high into the sky. When you return the mask to Abe he will give you 50 Praise, a Stray Bead and a piece of information on Waka.

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