History Scrolls

History Scrolls are items Chibiterasu can collect in his adventures. They tell the story of Okami and do not serve any other purpose. There are twenty in total. Issun gifts Chibiterasu five at the start of the game and then five later, then the last ten he must find on his own.

[edit] List of Missing History Scrolls

Name Location Title
History Scroll 1 Flooded Agata Forest: Roof of 5-Story Pagoda The Spider Queen
History Scroll 2 Sei'an City: South Umi's Restaurant in Commoner's Quarters The Canine Warriors
History Scroll 3 Sei'an City: Aristocratic Quarter A Blighted Sword
History Scroll 3 Demon Market: Second visit in the second are of the west cave The Crimson Helm
History Scroll 5 Goryeo: One a ledge in area six below the decks A Palace Under the Sea
History Scroll 6 Goryeo: The Treasure Chest room in area eight Ship Sinking
History Scroll 7 Sage Shrine: Room with the Knowing Orb A Friend to Gods
History Scroll 8 Kamiki Village 100 years ago: Second house Lost in the Woods.
History Scroll 9 Ice Room: Northwest corner of the fourth area in the middle section. Going Home
History Scroll 10 Moon Cave: Area three of the fourth floor 100 years ago The Torch is Passed
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