Ice Beast

Ice Beast
First EncounterIce Room
Attack(s)Ice Blast
Flying Swoop

Ice Beast is a Boss found in Okamiden. It is part of a trio of elemental horselike beasts. Nobody knows how many tortured human souls lie trapped in it's cold crystalline heart. All that is known is that you do not want to become one of those poor anguished souls.

It is first encountered in the Ice Room after Chibiterasu frees an Imp frozen in the ice. The Imp then transforms into the Ice Beast and attacks. It then reappears in the Dark Realm.

[edit] Strategy

It can attack by lashing out with its hooves which summons a blast of its icy powers or using the wheels on its shoulders to fly around the arena. It is invulnerable to attack until Inferno is used, then it can be attacked with Weapons or Power Slash. Using Galestorm or Inferno while it is flying will cause it to fall out of the sky, momentarily stunned. If it is not knocked out of the air in time, it will make a swooping charge at Chibiterasu.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A demonic steed encased in cold, crystalline ice. No one knows how many anquished human souls reside in its heart. Know that you do not want to become one of the those freezing, tortured souls. A shock from the outside will cause it to spit forth cold air. This will cause the steed to take off running. A gale-force wind could stop this creature in its tracks."

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