Jiro (head) and Saburo (tail) merged as Ichiro
First EncounterSunken Ship
WeaknessesAttacks to stomach
Power Slash
Cherry Bomb
Attack(s)Body Slam, Tackle, Bite
Floral FinisherThunderstorm

Ichiro is quite a rare enemy, he cannot be found on his own but only when Jiro and Saburo merge. He first appears in a compulsory battle in the Sunken Ship where he appears straight away due to the ship's flooding, however in order for him to be created Saburo needs to dig the arena to make it flood. He is the only enemy to be fought in water and his Floral Finisher is Thunderstorm.


[edit] Attacks

Ichiro will viciously attack Amaterasu if she is in the water so she should use Water Lily to make something for her to stand on or climb onto a floating object. He is covered in a thick armour that deflects attacks, however, a Rosary can be used to wear him down from afar. When Amaterasu is out of the water he can only attack in one way by leaping out of the water and body slamming Amaterasu. However while he is doing this is one weak spot is exposed, this is his stomach. While he is out of the air Amaterasu should use Power Slash to stun him. Another way to stun him is for Amaterasu to use Cherry Bomb in the water and a well place one might damage him. Finally like Jiro and Saburo he is weak to Thunderstorm.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Jiro and Saburo combine to become the mighty Ichiro. This shark patrols the ocean, attacking fishermen and causing trouble. Meeting him in the water spells doom, but if you have a foothold on a boat or lily pad, you can lure him close and attack his belly. Doing so knocks him out and gives you a chance to attack."

[edit] Trivia

  • Although Ichiro does not return as an enemy in Okamiden, a tank containing shark can be found in the Goryeo. This tank is found in the same room where Amaterasu first encounters Saburo when she explores the Sunken Ship, which is what the Goryeo becomes after being attacked by the Water Dragon. Hermit crabs also appear in this room, symbolising Jiro and Saburo.

[edit] Gallery

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