Express Messenger Ida
LocationShinshu Field
FamilyBrother: Hayate

Ida is the messenger of Shinshu Field. He also had a brother Hayate who is the messenger of Ryoshima Coast. He can be seen speeding around Shinshu Field after the Guardian Sapling has been revived though you have given him a Traveller's Charm to make him mobile again.

[edit] Role in the Plot

If Amaterasu manages to catch up with Ida he will challenge her to a race around Shinshu Field. It is not a race, as such, as all Amaterasu needs to do is catch up with him and give him a headbutt to win. Though it is not as easy as just that, Ida will eventually start dropping spikes which hurt Amaterasu and stop her in her tracks if she touches them. However if she manages to beat him three times he will give her the Gimmick Gear which you need to get a Secret Brush Technique.

[edit] Based On

Ida is based on the historical figure Idaten who was a Buddhist Saint with matchless speed.

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