Igloo Turtle

Igloo Turtle
First EncounterKamui
Attack(s)Tail Whip

Igloo Turtles are quite like Chimeras and Bud Ogres. They are a giant four legged creature whose weak source is encased in their back and a tail that lashes out, however Igloo turtles are different in that their back is made of ice and their tail holds a flame. Wali's Wanted List is comprised of Igloo Turtle.
They first appear in Kamui and their Floral Finisher is Inferno.

[edit] Attacks

You can defeat them by first attacking them with Brush Techniques and your Weapon until they are stunned. When they are stunned you need to melt the ice covering on their backs, you can use the fire on their tail to do this if you are stuck, after the ice has been melted you can attack the straw bale they have on their back which causes a lot of damage.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Straw raincoat transformed by Orochi's dark power. Its body resembles a snow hut, but there is no warming fire within.The flaming tail is a reminder of the inescapable bitter cold. It is known to lure travellers into the hut, where they soon freeze. Melt the snow hut with fire if you want to stand a chance against it."

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