Iron and Crystal Rocks

Iron Rock
Crystal Rock

Iron and Crystal rocks are found all over Nippon, however unlike regular rocks they cannot be Power Slashed or headbutted. In order to break them Amaterasu needs to learn the Secret Brush Techniques Power Slash 2 and Power Slash 3. Iron rocks are black with orange markings and Power Slash 2 will break them, Crystal Rocks are purple with diamonds and Power Slash 3 and the "Hardhead" Dojo Technique will break them. There are twelve Iron Rocks and six Crystal Rocks dotted around the lands making a total of eighteen of them altogether.


[edit] Rewards

Each rock has a Clover growing under it, the exceptions to this is an Iron rock in Kamui that leads to the Divine Spring where Amaterasu learns Power Slash 3 and two Iron Rocks on Oni Island that have nothing underneath them. Clovers under Iron Rocks give out 40 Praise and Clovers under Crystal Rocks give out 50 meaning that there is a total of 690 Praise available from Rocks.

[edit] Locations

Below is a list of the locations of the Rocks and what type they are.

[edit] Agata Forest

Iron Rock: Just before the log bridge leading to Taka Pass.
Crystal Rock: In front of the pond beside Madame Fawn's house.

[edit] Taka Pass

Iron Rock: Outside the upper exit of the tunnel that leads to the Guardian Sapling.

[edit] Ryoshima Coast

Iron Rock: Inside the cave that brings you to the Guardian Sapling.
Iron Rock: On the beach below Moon Turret.
Crystal Rock: Next to the gate leading to North Ryoshima Coast.

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast

Iron Rock: On the Island beside where you learn Power Slash 2.
Iron Rock: Beside Umi's restaurant.
Crystal Rock: On an island beside Catcall Tower.

[edit] Kamui

Iron Rock: Beside the Guardian Sapling.
Iron Rock: Outside the entrance to Yoshpet.
Crystal Rock: Go the left tunnel in the cave with the bears, it is at the end,

[edit] Ezofuji

Iron Rock: Found on a ledge below the path around Laochi Lake. Underneath it is the Divine Spring for Power Slash 3.
Crystal Rock: Beside the above Iron Rock.

[edit] Shinshu Field (Spirit Gate)

As this area cannot be returned to after True Orochi is defeated, make sure you know Power Slash 2 before passing through the Spirit Gate.

Iron Rock: In the center of the Field.
Iron Rock: On the path leading to the arch before Moon Cave.
Iron Rock: Past the arch mentioned above.

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