Self Proclaimed Legendary Swordsman Ishaku
LocationPonc'tan (Okami)
Ice Room (Okamiden)
FamilyGrandson: Issun

Ishaku is a very old Poncle who is also the chief of Ponc'tan and Issun's Grandfather. He was the sixth Celestial Envoy and travelled with Shiranui 100 years ago. His great-grandfather was the Celestial Envoy before him. As well as spreading the word of the Gods to the regular people he wrote Travel Guides which Amaterasu can find on her journeys. His sword is called Denjinmaru and it doubles as his Celestial Brush.

It was his job to teach Issun how to be a proper Celestial Envoy, however he was too harsh as a teacher and not very understanding. Issun did not like all the new responsibilities he had and how hard his grandfather was pushing him so he ran off. This has left him with a negative opinion of Issun and he won't even acknowledge his existence when Amaterasu first meets him, however near the end he realises what a great job Issun is doing without his help. When Ishaku is encountered in the past, he has the same pompous and boastful attitude that Issun has.

[edit] Okamiden

Ishaku as we see him from regular size

Ishaku makes a reappearance in Okamiden. When he first meets Chibiterasu he is with Shiranui, 100 years in the past, and he cannot comprehend how Chibiterasu is his grandson. This younger Ishaku travels around with Chibiterasu for a while at the end of the game. He does not fight but rather plays a more passive role, giving Chibiterasu helpful tips and comments.

At the end of the first play through the "Presents from Ishaku" gallery will be unlocked. This is much like the "Presents from Issun" gallery from Okami.

One of Chibiterasu's Karmic Transformers gives him Ishaku's armour.

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