Oina Girl Kai
FamilySister: Lika

Kai is a member of the Oina Tribe and like all of her people she lives in Wep'keer. She is the only Oina to have a visible family as she lives with her little sister Lika. Kai wears a deer mask and she transforms into a great tan wolf.
Issun also makes a comment that she is good at working the loom and doing other practical stuff. She also seems to have belief in the gods as she asks them to guide her safely through Yoshpet however it appears that she cannot see Amaterasu's divine markings as she simply calls her a white wolf.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Before all these events took place, Kai was a little girl got lost in Yoshpet, normally those who get lost in that particular forest never come out again. However Kai was rescued by a young Issun who returned her to her home, this caused a great friendship to develop between the two.

In the story Kai is the first of the Oina tribe to be friendly and offer some information on what is happening in Kamui. She invites Amaterasu and Issun back to her house and tells them all about Lechku and Nechku, Lika's disappearance, The Day of Darkness and why the blizzard is suddenly so bad. It is then that Kemu summons them.
Kai is not seen again until it is time for Amaterasu to look for Lika in Yoshpet. She acts as a guide through the mysterious forest and Ammy must race to keep up with her. She will also drag her back to safety to the start of the maze like forest if she runs out of time. She is then seen again on the Day of Darkness outside the Ark of Yamato with her sister Lika.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kai is one of the only female characters that Issun is not attracted too. This is probably to do with their close friendship.
  • After Amaterasu clears Wawku Shrine she can challenge Kai to a racing Mini Game through Outer Yoshpet as she claims to be the fastest in all Wep'keer. If you Amaerasu wins Kai will give her a Stray Bead.

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