Kamiki Festival

Kamiki Festival
LocationKamiki Village
Notable EventsFireworks
Notable CharactersAmaterasu, Issun, Susano, Kushi, Mushi, Kokari

The Kamiki Festival is held every year at the same time in Kamiki Village. It is held to give praise to the full moon, which is also takes place during. People travel from all over Nippon just to attend it and Kushi brews her famous Sake for the occasion. Tama also puts on a giant fireworks display

When the Kamiki Festival is over, Amaterasu can start exploring Ryoshima Coast.

[edit] History

The Festival is also on the same day as the Orochi picks his sacrifice. Before the slaying of the True Orochi, the festival was an ominous time when the True Orochi would send out his Sacrificial Arrow. This arrow would land on the house of a young maiden and mark her as the Orochi's next sacrifice. Without this sacrifice he would destroy the village. However, 100 years previous to the events of Okami, the Sacrificial Arrow struck the house of Nami. Nagi, who did not want to loose his love interest, slayed the Orochi with the help of the Sun God, Shiranui, and sealed him in Moon Cave.

After this the Moon Festival became an occasion for celebration where people would gather together and enjoy the night.

However, the events of Okami take place as Nagi's ancestor, Susano, frees the Orochi in his attempts to show the legend as false. This makes the Kamiki Festival a time of fear and dread for the villagers. However, when Kushi, Susano's love interest and ancestor of Nami, is chosen as the sacrifice, Susano slays the Orochi once and for all with the help of Amaterasu and Issun.

[edit] The Festival

After they slay the Orochi, Amaterasu, Issun, Susano and Kushi return to the village to enjoy the end of the festival. Before Amaterasu can leave the festival, she must talk to all the villagers and watch the Fireworks. The villagers will provide useful information and enjoyable conversation.

Most villagers will talk about Susano's and Kushi's hasty disappearance and will hint that they have gone to the Cave of Nagi for some alone time. Amaterasu can find them there and if she speaks to them, Susano will admit he always knew she was a God and Kushi will acknowledge that she's more than just an average wolf. After they say this, they will become distant and try to shoo her away suggesting they want to be alone. If she talks to them three times each, Issun will scold Ammy for being so dense and tell her that they really want her to leave for romantic reasons.

Kokari will tell Amaterasu that he will no longer be in Agata Forest, instead he is going on a journey of self improvement with Ume. This means Ammy can no longer fish with him there.

Karude, the Nameless Man and Mr. Bamboo can be found chatting and drinking sake. If Amaterasu uses Waterspout to guide the sakes into their mouths, they will get drunk and will start saying embarrassing things. Then if she leaves them for a few minutes and comes back, they will have hangovers and will make excuses for their behaviour.

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