Kamiki Village

Kamiki Village
Connects ToShinshu Field
River of the Heavens
Notable Inhabitant(s)Mr. and Mrs. Orange
Mushi's Mama
ItemsSunrise Brush Technique
Water Lily Brush Technique (Okami only)
Rejuvination Brush Technique (Okamiden only)
Divine Retribution
Stray Beads

Kamiki Village is where all the action starts and where our adventure begins. It is a quite, remote village that is shaded by cherry blossoms. It is home to many of the main characters along with a few minor ones. It is also where Sakuya and her Konohana Tree reside. The Konohana Tree is the source of all the Guardian Saplings that keep Nippon safe. It also holds the entrance to River of the Heavens, where Rejuvenation and Power Slash are learned. At the other end is the entrance to Shinshu Field.
The player also gets to return to how Kamiki Village was 100 years in the past, when Mr. and Mrs. Grapefruit are the village elders.


[edit] History/Legend of Shiruani

Over a hundred years before the main adventure begins, Kamiki village is in a tiny peaceful, secluded area, surrounded by cherry blossoms. Despite being a wondrous beautiful village, it had dark secrets. The vile beast Orochi would watch over the village, and ordered that every year a festival would be held in his honour where a young maiden, who would be chosen by a white plumed arrow being shot into her home, would be sacrificed for him. However, one year a mysterious white wolf named Shiruani, appeared in the village. The citizens would assume that he was working for Orochi, as he patrolled the streets at night and watched anyone who exited the village. A brave man named Nagi took it upon himself to try to defeat Shiruani, but the wolf was too swift for him. Soon, the day of the accursed Festival fell, and Nami, Nagi's secret love, was chosen for sacrifice. Nagi would not take it and set off to slay the fearsome Orochi. As Nagi stood at the entrance of the Moon Cave, Orochi emerged before him. The two fought well into the night, yet Orochi's tough hide showed barely any signs of battle. Eventually, Nagi, worn out, collapsed, unable to fight much longer. Then, Shiruani appeared. It stood it's ground, protecting Nagi. From here, Shiruani took over from where Nagi left off. Shiruani summoned gusts of divine wind in order to protect itself from Orochi's flames and summoned gigantic trees to put Orochi off guard. Despite having the Celestial powers as well as speed and agility on his side, Shiruani could hardly harm Orochi due to the powerful shroud of mist surrounding the monster, protecting him. Shiruani stood exhausted, covered in blood and gashes. As Orochi was to strike the final blow, Shiruani used all it's remaining strength to unleash a last almighty howl to the heavens. Immediately the clouds parted, revealing the moon. Light glinted off of Nagi's sword, a sign of hope. With all his remaining strength, Nagi jumped high, carefully aiming his sword, slamming down into the eight necks of Orochi. As Orochi's broken body fell into the pool of it's own blood, the curse of Kamiki was lifted. During the battle, Shiruani had been badly poisoned by Orochi and struggled to breathe. Nagi took the wolf in his arms and returned to Kamiki. As the two heroes returned, the signs of life in Shiruani's limp body had gone. Shiruani let out one last small cry, then closed it's eyes and drifted into it's never waking slumber. The villagers erected a shrine containing a statue for the wolf in their village, a sign of eternal respect. Nagi's sword was named Tsukuyomi and placed inside the Moon Cave.

Art featuring the village

[edit] The Curse

100 years after the Legend of Shiruani, Susano entered the Moon Cave and tried to remove Tsukuyomi. By doing this, he unleashed Orochi's dead spirit and ordered Susano to say "I wish Darkness onto the world". Susano ran from the beast and so Orochi tore up the surroundings, unleashing Cursed Zones unto the region of Nippon. Kamiki managed to escape, thanks to the Guardian Sapling protecting it. This is where the player begins the story, as Sakuya revives the statue of Shiruani, reincarnating it into Amaterasu in order to save Nippon.

[edit] After the curse is lifted

The people of Kamiki take great pride in their beautiful village and honour every tree as a god.

[edit] Residents

[edit] Okamiden

Kamiki Village makes a reappearance in Okamiden and it appears to be the starting point of the adventure. It seems that some characters from Okami still live there like Mr. & Mrs. Orange, Susano and Kushi and Mushi and his Mama who is still tending to her turnips.

Chibiterasu and Issun must travel to Kamiki Village from Yakushi Village to talk to Sakyua after Demons return to Nippon. After they talk to Sakuya, a storm comes to Kamiki Village and a lightening strike damage's Konohana. Although, Chibi manages to restore Konohana with Rejuvenation, it is not enough to cause Konohana to bloom again. Because of the lightening strike, Sakuya no longer has the power to protect Kamiki Village and the villagers are turned to stone, just like in Okami. Chibiterasu must then use Sunrise to restore them.

It is in Kamiki Village that Chibiterasu joins up with his first partner, Kuni, as Issun must stay behind and look after the weakened Sakuya. They then go off together on their journey so Chibiterasu can learn Bloom and restore Konohana properly and to find the Spark Beast who is the source of the lightening strike.

Kurow and Chibiterasu also travel back to Kamiki Village one hundred years in the past when they try to stop Akuro from bathing in the blood of True Orochi. Chibiterasu follows Nagi, Ishaku and a badly injured Shiranui back to the village, after Shiranui injures himself protecting Nagi from a boulder flung by True Orochi. However, Akuro reappears and demands that Chibiterasu return to Moon Cave to fight him. He summons a giant meteor aimed at that would destroy the whole village. However, Shiranui dives in front of the meteor, sacrificing himself to save them all. He shares a touching moment with Chibiterasu before passing on.

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