Karmic Transformers

Karmic Transformers
Obtained FromCompleting the game
Obtainable InOkami

Karmic Transformers are items that you can unlock after you have completed the game for the first time if you have met the required standards. There are nine in total and they allow the user to alter Amaterasu's appearance if she is equipped with one, you also receive the Karmic Returner to return Amaterasu to her normal appearance.

When you complete the game you are graded on certain factors throughout the game such as total deaths and Demon Fangs and if you achieve the required result you will get the Karmic Transformer.

Below are the Karmic Transformers and their requirements. "S" Rank is the required amount of a certain thing to obtain the Transformer. Yen, Demon Fangs and Praise can be spent as this does not effect the total amount collected.


[edit] "S" Rank

  • Total Deaths : 4 or less.
  • Total Enemies Defeated: 550+
  • Total Yen Collected: ¥4 million+
  • Total Demon Fangs Collected: 300+
  • Total Praise Earned: 4500+

[edit] Karmic Transformers

1 - Canine Warrior Tei – Complete the game

2 - Canine Warrior Chi – Complete the game

3 - "Plain" Amaterasu (As seen by humans and when there is no ink left) – "S" Rank for Total Deaths

4 - Canine Warrior Shin – "S" Rank for Total Yen Collected

5 - Canine Warrior Ko – "S" Rank for Total Enemies Defeated

6 - Canine Warrior Jin – "S" Rank for Demon Fangs Collected

7 - Shiranui (Amaterasu with full red markings) – "S" Rank for Total Praise Earned

8 - Shiranui Statue – "S" Rank for Total Praise Earned

9 - ‘Realistic’ Amaterasu – "S" Rank for Total Praise Earned

Don't worry if you can't get one of them; after you beat the game for the second time, you get all of the above

[edit] Okamiden

Karmic Transformers also reappear as an unlockable item in Okamiden, however they are referred to as Spells. There are five in total and they serve the same purpose as they did in Okami, changing Chibiterasu's appearance. Similarly, they can only be obtained by completing the game.

1 - Restoration Spell - It is obtained by completing the game and serves as the Karmic Returner that will transform Chibiterasu back to his true appearance

2 - Dark Sun - This is obtained for completing the game. It gives Chibiterasu the appearance of Dark Chibiterasu.

3 - Painter's Legend - This is obtained by collecting all of the Bestiary Entries, which is done by battling every Demon in the game. It gives Chibiterasu Ishaku's armour.

4 - Moon's Legacy - This is obtained by completing the Antiques Guide, which is done by collecting one of each type of Antique. It gives Chibiterasu a crystalline appearance.

5 - First Sunrise - This is obtained by completing all of the above. It gives Chibiterasu markings like Shiranui.

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