Wep'keer Village Elder Kemu

Kemu is the elder of the Oina Tribe and he used to be the Chief of Wep'keer. He wears a raccoon mask and he lives in a hut at the very top of Wep'keer near the entrance to Ezofuji. He also guards the entrance to this area and Amaterasu will only be allowed in after he has given her permission.

Kemu is one for dealing out punishment when he feels it right as Issun remarks that Kemu has "tanned his hide" many times before in the past. This is proven true as when Amaterasu meets him for the first time he tries to hit her because he is even dreaming about tanning hides.

As Kemu is the Oina Elder he has some spiritual abilities. One of these is the ability to make Ezofuji's twin peaks erupt by saying the Volcanic Incantation. This is very important as it warms the lands of Kamui and makes it bearable for the Oina Tribe to live in, it also makes the lands fertile and green. However he passes on this ability to Lika as he becomes too ill and weak to go outside in the blizzard to perform it. These abilities also mean he can see Amaterasu's divine markings.
Kemu also used to be the Chief of Wep'keer however he passed it onto Samickle as he became very weak and sick after nearly being killed by Lechku and Nechku, however he is still greatly respected and has a lot of say in the workings of the tribe.

Kemu performing the Volcanic Incantation

When Amaterasu first comes to Wep'keer his house is locked and she cannot progress any further until she tries to leave the area. Kai will then invite her to her house, after this Kemu will summon Amaterasu with a howl. He will continue to tell her about Kamui's troubles and will then task her with the job of finding Lika.

Kemu is a yellow wolf with a white tipped tail and black markings when he is turned into a wolf by blooming him.

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