King Fury

King Fury
Location(s)Sei'an City
Moon Tribe Ruins
Kurow's amulet
Power Slash
Attack(s)Energy Charging Attack, Charge Attack, Long Range Attacks
Weapon(s)Prayer Slips

King Fury is the boss of the Moon Tribe Ruins in Okamiden. He is the spirit of Sugawara however, his body became possessed by Akuro because of the hatred that radiated from it. Sugawara was a politician who died bitter and angry due to years of political fighting and betrayal from the citizens he devoted his life to help. His spirit now seeks revenge on those who betrayed him and only when King Fury is defeated can his spirit pass on peacefully.

When Gen, Lady Scholar and a team of excavators explored the Moon Tribe Ruins, King Fury frightened them all away and kidnapped Gen. Gen was then forced to reactivate the great celestial rabbit Daidarabotchi so King Fury could use it as a means for vengeance. As Gen succeeds in his task, the battle takes place upon the giant Daidarabotchi.

He is later one of the bosses summoned to fight Chibiterasu in the Dark Realm. Kagu aids him in the fight as Kurow has betrayed Chibiterasu and is now working with Akuro.


[edit] Strategy

At the start of the battle, King Fury will chase Chibiterasu and Kurow as they climb along the body of Daidarabotchi. He will fire balls of lightening at him which can be deflected with Power Slash, Galestorm or ignored. He might also charge at the duo which can be ignored by continuing to run.

Upon reaching the top of Daidarabotchi, Kurow must take control of it to prevent it from causing damage. As Daidarabotchi was created by the Moon Tribe, only a member of it can control him. Chibiterasu must protect Kurow from King Fury as he will try and hurt Kurow, preventing him from controlling Daidarabotchi. If Kurow looses control of it for too long, it will raise a hand and try to hit him in a sweeping motion. However, guiding Kurow back to the controls will stop it in its tracks.

King Fury uses long range attacks and moves very fast. One of his attacks is a charge attack where he charges at one side of the arena and sweeps across to the other side, damaging everything in his path. When he glows purple, it is a sign he is ready to make his move and he will become invincible. However, Power Slash can easily stop this attack. Galestorm can be used to blow him away from Kurow or to stop him from summoning thunder storms. He can also fire damaging prayer slips at Chibiterasu, again these can be deflected with Power Slash.

King Fury's most damaging attack is his Ultimate Attack where he rises high into the air above Kurow and starts charging. If this attack is successful, it will drain Chibiterasu of most of his Solar Energy. Kurow must be carefully guided towards King Fury's flute when his is charging. If this is successful, he will drain King Fury's power with his talisman and he will fall to the ground momentarily stunned. After Kurow has successfully managed this a couple of times, King Fury will start moving around while charging thus making it harder for Kurow to lock on to him and drain his power. This means that there is a risk of Daidarabotchi raising his hand to attack and/or King Fury successfully charging his attack.

When King Fury is nearing defeat, he will duplicate himself. Before he will perform his Ultimate Attack, the duplicate must be identified and destroyed.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A city politician who worked for the sake of the people, but was brought down by political in-fighting. He never recovered from his betrayal, and died of grief and full of resentment. His anger brought forth a spirit that only sought revenge."

[edit] Trivia

  • Depending on how the Kanji is written, the Onryou part of his name can either mean vengeful or peaceful/amiable.

[edit] Gallery

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