King Wada

King Wada
King Wada.jpg
King of the Draconians Wada
LocationRyoshima Coast
FamilyWife: Otohime
Unborn child
Okamiden (As Water Dragon Only)

King Wada is the 27th King of the Draconians and the husband of Otohime. We do not seem him much in his real form however we do meet him a lot when he is the Water Dragon.


[edit] Role in Plot

After Amaterasu and Issun leave the body of the dying Water Dragon with the Dragon Orb and Fox Rods in hand, they meet the spirit of King Wada who tells them a terrible tale.
He informs them that he was in fact the Water Dragon. He prayed to the Dragon Orb to turn him into it so that he could protect his people from the evil forces of Ninetails. He also swallowed the Fox Rods so that Ninetails could not get his hands on the source of all his power. However due to a battle with Ninetails and the evil power of the Fox Rods, he went insane and started to kill innocent people.
With the aid of the Dragon Orb he also shows our heroes a vision of the real Rao being chased by Ninetails and this convinces Issun that Rao is Ninetails in disguise.

[edit] Based On

King Wada is based on the Japanese dragon and Water Deity, Watatsumi who is also known as Ryūjin. However according to the legends, Watatsumi was the father of Otohime, unlike King Wada who was her husband.

[edit] Trivia

  • If you talk to Otohime after you have defeated Ninetails, she will tell you that she is pregnant with King Wada's child.

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