Knowing Orb

Knowing Jewel
TypeUnobtainable Key Item
LocationSage Shrine

The Knowing Jewel is a mystical orb in Okamiden that allows the user to learn more about anything as long as they keep the thought in their heads as they touch the orb. It is found in the courtyard in Sage Shrine where it sits atop the fountain. It glows with all the colours of the rainbow and has white inscriptions, however, it develops a purple colour when it becomes tainted with evil. Shikibu is its guardian and as it is found in Sage Shrine, it is actually of minuscule proportions.

[edit] Role in the Plot

When Chibiterasu first learns about the Knowing Jewel, he travels back in time to Ryoshima Coast nine months in the past as he hopes to use it to learn more about Akuro. Upon reaching Sage Shrine, with the help of Otohime, they find out that the Knowing Jewel has been tainted with evil. Although Shikibu has the power to cleanse the Jewel, she refuses to until Chibiterasu and Nanami banish the evil plaguing the Shrine. When they agree, she cleanses the Jewel only for it to release her literary creation, Genji, in the form of a spirit. After Chibiterasu rescues Nanami from his clutches, Shikibu unwrites them and permits them to use the Knowing Jewel as she has seen Akuro in it when she uses it.

When Nanami touches the Jewel, she describes the thoughts of Akuro coming to her like words forming in her mind. As Chibiterasu cannot read, she speaks the words for him. It does not have much to say about Akuro but informs the duo that he is planning to vessel, or Yoshira, to gain a physical form to rule the world. However in order to make the vessel suitable, it must be bathed in the blood of the Orochi. The Knowing Orb can also project images into the minds of the user as it shows Nanami and Chibiterasu an image of Waka.

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