Boy of the Forest Kokari
LocationAgata Forest
Kamiki Village
FamilyFather: Karude
Pet: Ume

Kokari is a young boy who lives in Agata Forest with his father Karude and dog Ume. When Amaterasu first meets him he has lost his dog in Tsuta Ruins and Ammy must help him to find him again.
He wears a fur coat like his father except that his is made from rabbit skin. He also loves Fishing as Amaterasu must fish with him on several occasions, including in Kamui where he permanently stays.

His father worries about Kokari's nature and how he is maturing. He is afraid that his son is growing up too soft hearted to ever survive as a forest person. He comments that Kokari has no sense of adventure and is not performing his proper duties, only wanting to spend time with his dog. However Amaterasu inspires him to go off and explore the world.

[edit] Okamiden

Kokari and Ume make a reappearance in Okamiden. Chibiterasu and Kuni make their way to Agata Forest only to find out it has been completely flooded. Kokari and Ume are trying to fish out a giant Catfish, Bullhead, who is the perpetrator of the flooding. In the end, Kokari catches Nanami and offers her to Bullhead to try and stop him from flooding and destroying the forest. Bullfish just sells Nanami to the Demon Market and it is up to Kuni and Chibiterasu to rescue her. Kokari redeems himself in the end when he rescues Nanami, Chibiterasu and Kuni from the Demon Market by pulling them all out with his fishing rod. He saves them just in time from getting attacked by hoards of Demons as Madame Fawn foretold they were in trouble. Nanami then forgives him. At the end of the game, he can be seen with Nanami in an unflooded Agata Forest.

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