Wandering Monk Komuso
LocationKamiki Village
Kusa Village
Sasa Sanctuary
Sei'an City

Komuso is a Buddhist monk who Amaterasu runs into frequently in her journeys around Nippon. He challenges her strength in a series of short timed battles, he can be found in Kamiki Village, Kusa Village and Sei'an City. He travels from one to another after you have battled for him.


[edit] Personality

Although Komuso appears to be cold and serious at first he is a nice and kind person under his focused exterior. He shows happiness at the return of the Cherry Blossoms to Kamiki Village and will help Amaterasu keep count of how many she has Bloomed. He is also very open minded. He does not show prejudice to Amaterasu, a Shinto God, even though he is a Buddhist. He realises that the path she travels is one of good although it is not like his own. He also realises that she is working to bring peace to all of Nippon, not just her followers.

[edit] Appearance

Komuso dresses like a typical Buddhist Monk, including his choice in headgear. He carries a traditional Japanese bamboo flute, a shakuhachi, which he plays when he is not talking to Amaterasu.

[edit] Role in the plot

Everytime Amaterasu talks to Komuso he will get her to fight a group of Demons in a certain time frame. He will give her Praise as a reward and a Stray Bead if she manages to fight all the battles. The difficulty gets higher every time you fight the monsters however so to does the reward.

He is first found in Kamiki Village, standing at the crossroads of the roads that lead to Konohana and Mr. Orange's lookout spot. He will get you to fight three Green Imps and if you defeat them in under twelve second you will earn Praise. After Amaterasu learns Bloom and returns to the village, he can be found near the bridge and will keep track of how many cherry trees she needs to bloom before she can learn Water Lily.

When all the cherry trees are bloomed he will move to Kusa Village, and after Amaterasu visits Princess Fuse he can be found in a bamboo grove in the village. Once again he will challenge Amaterasu to a timed battle to test her abilities. The monsters may be more powerful but she has 25 seconds to defeat them. While he is in Kusa Village he can be found resting in an upstairs room in the inn at Sasa Sanctuary. This is one of the few times that you can talk to him without having to fight.

He travels back to Kamiki Village for it's annual festival. He can be found near the Merchant and will give Amaterasu a hint as the where Susano and Kushi are relaxing together.

After you defeat all the Demons he will move to the Aristocratic Quarter of Sei'an City where he will get Amaterasu to defeat her last set of Demons. This time she has thirty seconds to do so. As well as getting Praise for defeating them for the last time she will get a Stray Bead.

[edit] Origins

Komuso is both based on and named after Komusō. They were a type of Japanese monk from the Fuke branch of Zen Buddhism who relied on charitable donations for survival. Like Komuso in Okami, they were characterised by the straw baskets they wore over their heads and the shakuhachi flute they played. During the game, Komuso admits to following the ways of Buddha. The word Komusō itself means "monk of emptiness".

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