Connects ToKamiki Village
River of the Heavens
Notable Inhabitant(s)Sakuya

Konohana is the name of Sakuya's main tree, Sakuya is the spirit of this tree and it is the source of all her power. She uses it to protect the lands from evil and it is the guardian deity of Kamiki Village. It is found in Kamiki Village and all of the other Guardian Saplings and Konohana Blossoms all across Nippon have sprouted from it's roots and because of this, Sakuya has a connection to all trees in Nippon.

During the events of Okami, the Orochi's Curse weakens it greatly as Sakuya was using her complete power to protect the village from the full effects of the curse. At first, it has completely disappeared from the village. It appears but is wilted and nearly dead when Amaterasu cuts down a fruit from it that restores all of the residents of the village from stone. When Amaterasu blooms all the cherry blossoms around Kamiki Village, Mr. Orange will do his Kamiki Shuffle which will restore Konohana completely back to full health. Mr. Orange always does the Konohana Shuffle daily to keep it healthy as he believes that it protects their small village. Amaterasu must then bloom every Guardian Sapling in Nippon to restore Sakuya and Konohana to full health.

It was planted by Camille & Camellia's ancestors 100 years in the past. When you travel back using the Spirit Gate, it is nothing more than a tiny sapling and baby Sakuya, or Shakuya as she calls herself, is near by.

[edit] Okamiden

Sakuya and her Konohana tree make a reappearance in Okamiden. Three months after the events of Okami, evil returns to plague Nippon and wither the Guardian Saplings. Konohana is struck by a bolt of lightening from the Spark Beast and although Chibiterasu fixes it with Rejuvenation, it is still greatly damaged and cannot protect Kamiki Village until it is healed with Bloom. The it is up to Chibiterasu to revive all the guardian saplings that he has access to.

[edit] Trivia

  • For every Guardian Sapling you revive in both games, Sakuya will make Konohana produce a bud. When this bud is blossomed with Bloom it will produce a treasure.

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