Konohana Blossoms

Konohana Blossoms
FoundIn the sky all over Nippon

Konohana Blossoms are big pink Cherry blossoms that float in the sky. They come from Sakuya's tree Konohana. Amaterasu and Chibiterasu can use them by using Vine to draw a line from themselves to the blossom. They will then be pulled to it. This is very useful for climbing heights. They can also be used to open stuff by drawing a vine to a hook, the vines will then pull the item open. The blossoms will be closed at first but will open if Amaterasu gets close enough to them. In Okamiden, they are always open.
However be careful because if the blossom is facing down she will fall from it so she needs to be vined to another one straight away.

Okamiden also features Konohana Blossoms that grow out of the ground. If Chibiterasu stands on one, they will start to grow and allow him to reach high up places. These blossoms were introduced as Chibiterasu does not learn Dojo Techniques.

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