LocationTravelling Nippon
FamilyMother: Kushi
Father: Susano
Ancestors: Nagi, Nami

Kuni is the son of Susano and Kushi and he is one of Chibiterasu's partners in Okamiden. He rides around on Chibiterasu's back and Chibiterasu can use Guidance with him, like all partners. He calls Chibiterasu "Mutt".

Kuni is similar to his father in how he has a big ego. Although he is terrified when Issun tasks him with helping Chibiterasu in his adventure and he often messes up his sword techniques. However, Kuni can see Chibiterasu's divine markings showing his belief in the Gods.

As Okamiden only takes place nine months after the events of Okami, it would be impossible for Susano and Kushi to have a son. This is explained later in the game when Kuni gets scared when fighting Master Anura and he admits he isn't Susano's real son. In fact, when Kurow and Chibiterasu travel back to Nippon nine months in the past, they rescue him from drowning in Lake Harami, outside of Moon Cave. At the very end of the game, he leaves on a journey to find out more about his past and we then find out that the narrator at the start of the game is actually an adult Kuni, telling a story from his childhood.


[edit] Appearance

Kuni looks like a young boy however we are not sure yet how old he is. He bares a strong resemblance to his father, having black hair and even wearing the same purple jumpsuit as Susano and carrying a sword like him.

Kuni's original design

His initial design was completely different to the final product. However, it was scrapped due to the graphical capabilities of the DS making many of his features unrecognisable. The twig he carried reflected Susano's sword and he even had a comb in his hair like Kushi. This character model was even animated, however, it was not till then that the flaws were spotted.

[edit] Role in the Plot

We first meet Kuni at the start of the game where Issun tasks him with the duty of accompanying Chibiterasu on an adventure to return a mirror to a crying girl. Although he accepts at first, he gets scared when Issun admits that Demons stole it. After taking Chibiterasu to his secret training ground, the duo trick Susano into drinking Kushi's sake, making him fall asleep. They then remove the rock Susano put in place to protect the village and travel to Hana Valley to find the mirror. Together they travel through the valley and get to Master Anura. Although initially brave, Kuni gets frightened and runs away as he admits to not being Susano's real son. He later returns and together they beat him. However, Kuni is ashamed to learn that the mirror has broken. They return the mirror to the little girl, after using rejuvenation to fix it, however they find out the little girl is actually Sakuya and she was just testing them to see if they are ready to go on the adventure.

They travel to a mysteriously flooded Agata Forest together and, after they heal the Guardian Sapling and dispel the cursed zone, they meet Kokari his dog, Ume, and a mermaid, Nanami. After visiting [[Madame Fawn, the duo venture into the Demon Market, wearing Demon Masks, to try and get back the treasure that Nanami has lost. They find out that Nanami had been kidnapped, and is now a prize in a fighting competition. They enroll in and win the challenge and rescue Nanami, but just before they are about to leave, their masks fall off. Chibiterasu and Kuni then fight an enraged Witch Queen, however, they do not succeed in completely killing her, so bravely, Kuni stays behind to keep her and the other demons back, allowing Nanami and Chibiterasu to escape. They eventually meet up again and [okari rescues them all by fishing them out with his fishing rod.

However, Kuni then gets eaten by Bullhead, a giant catfish, and Nanami and Chibiterasu must become partners to rescue him by going through the 5-Story Pagoda. After beating Bullhead and rescuing him., Nanami is reunited with her treasure, the Wet and Dry Jewels. However, Bullhead is not truly defeated, but Nanami used the Dry Jewel to drain the water, and Kuni and Chibi finish him off. However, as a last resort, Bullhead destroys the water controls, causing the water to shoot out of the Pagoda. . Kuni and Chibi float away on a giant log, but Kuni knocks him off, shooting away. However, Nanami reveals he is not dead.

Later, Chibiterasu has visions of Kuni when he fell into Agata Forest with Kurow, and going back in time for the first time. He tells him that he is okay, but he is going on his own journey. journey to find out about his past.

Near the end of the game, we find out that Akuro has possessed Kuni as his Vessel of Light, and that Chibi was actually doing what Akuro wanted when he beat Master Anura, Bullhead, Renjishi, and King Fury. He then sucks him and Ishaku into the Dark Realm. Akuro fights Chibiterasu in Kuni's body, but Kuni manages to break free. However, Kuni is repossessed by Akuro during the fight with Dark Chibiterasu and after his defeat, Kuni is free from him forever. Kuni then helps defeat Akuro in Kurow's body by slicing him in half, killing Akuro, but killing Kurow as well. Kuni is then seen surrounding Kurow, and like everyone else, cries over his death.

Later Kuni says his teary goodbyes to his family and Chibiterasu and leaves to find out about his past. But, at the end of the game, Kuni is revealed to be the narrator from the beginning, and states that he had many more adventures with Chibi.

[edit] Based On

Kuni is based on Ōkuninushi, a divine being from Shinto lore, who married the daughter of Susano-o.

[edit] Trivia

  • An early version of Kuni appears in the "Presents from Issun" from Issun gallery, that unlocks at the end of the game, and an art book. However, he is referred to as Nushi in them.
  • Kuni's original design bared resemblance to Himura Kenshin (especially in his "Hitokiri Battōsai" alias) from the popular anime and manga series, Rurouni Kenshin.

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