Sake Brewer Kushi
LocationKamiki Village
FamilyHusband: Susano
Son: Kuni
Ancestor: Nami

Kushi plays a big part in Okami. She is a famous sake brewer and is the beautiful maiden picked for the Orochi's sacrifice. She lives in Kamiki Village where she crafts her sake. She also has feelings for Susano.


[edit] Personality

Kushi is a kind and gentle soul. She is one of the first humans that Amaterasu meets and straight from the start she is affectionate and kind to her. She will always run up to Amaterasu and give her a few rubs even without being bloomed.
Kushi has a very strong belief in the Gods, she believes that they will save her from being the Orochi's sacrifice and she never doubts for a minute that they won't help her. We also find out that because of this Kushi knew that Amaterasu was the Sun God and could see her red markings all along. We find this out after she has been saved from the Orochi's grasp and she has known ever since Amaterasu fixed her water wheel.
Kushi is also very patient. She easily puts up with Susano's laziness and other antics. She also is the only one not to get angry at him for drinking all of the 8 Purification Sake instead she uses her quick thinking to think of another plan.
She is very finally very trusting. She puts faith in the gods to keep her safe and she trusts that Susano will come to her rescue and fight off the Orochi.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Artwork of Amaterasu and Kushi
Artwork of Amaterasu and Kushi in the rice paddies

At the start Kushi's only job is to make sake and according to the rest of the village she is excellent at it. It is her sake that even makes the usually lazy Susano get up and break the boulder blocking the entrance of Kamiki Village. She makes her famous sake for the Kamiki Festival however Susano drinks it all, she then brings forward her even more famous "Thunder Brew" for everyone to enjoy.

However she soon becomes a very important character as her house gets struck by the Orochi's sacrifice arrow. This means that she is the maiden that he will eat to regain his full power. This upsets the whole village except for Kushi herself, she is resigned to her fate but knows that the Gods and Susano will come to her aid. Susano is currently locked up in his house after being scolded for drinking all the sake, however Kushi still puts on the sacrificial kimono and heads off to get eaten. She brings along the last of the Thunder Brew, she hopes to follow the legend of how Nagi killed the Orochi 100 years ago. He did this by giving the Orochi sake so that he would become drunk, thus making him easier to kill.
Both Amaterasu and Susano work together to take down the Orochi. After this Susano and Kushi declare their love for each other.

[edit] Based on

Concept Sketches of Kushi

Kushi is based on the legend of "Kushinada-hime". This tells the story of a beautiful girl who was the last daughter of two lesser gods. Every year those gods had to give one of their daughters to the Orochi so that he would not rampage, however now they must give up their eighth and final daughter. Upon seeing this daughter Susanoo falls deeply in love with her and asks for her hand in marriage. However in order to hide her from the Orochi he transforms her into a comb and hides her in his hair. Their plan is a success and the Orochi is defeated.
This tale has a lot to do with Okami's plot.

Kushi is chosen as a sacrifice
Kushi features in Issun's Masterpiece No. Five

[edit] Okamiden

In Okamiden, Kushi and Susano have a child who they name Kuni. As the events of Okamiden, happen only three months after Okami, Kushu is not Kuni's real Mother. Instead he was only found and adopted by Susano and Kushi after Chibiterasu pulled him out of the lake at Moon Cave, nine months into the past. He acts brave but this fact always hinders him.

At the end of the game, she admits that she is pregnant and would like to call the child after Kuni if it is a boy.

However, Kushi still has real son Kuni.

[edit] Trivia

  • Kushi's hair looks like a traditional Japanese comb because of the story she is based on.
  • If you go to the Cave of Nagi during the rest of the Kamiki Festival you will see Susano and Kushi spending some quite time together.

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