Okami and Kutone
TypeUnobtainable Weapon
With Oki

Kutone is a sacred sword that watches over and protects all of Kamui. It is guarded by the Oina Tribe and it is usually found in it's alter in front of the Laochi Lake in Ezofuji.

However Oki steals the sword before Amaterasu even gets to Kamui. He steals it because of the apparent prophecy it holds. The prophecy states:
"The wall of ice shall shatter and open the way to the heavens when Kutone, the guardian sword, glows silver."

Oki believes that this prophecy will rid Kamui of the evil that is plaguing it and it will also stop the blizzard that is threatening to destroy the lands. Oki is not sure how to make is glow silver but he assumes that killing lots of demons will do this.
The other members of the Oina Tribe are disgraced at Oni for taking their sacred sword and demand that he returns it. However he refuses to listen.

However much to Oki's fury he cannot make it glow silver and he continues to be defeated by monsters. However this all changes when he battles Lechku and Nechku with Amaterasu and Shiranui. Instead of killing Nechku he saves Shiranui from a fatal fall. This giving up of his selfish ways causes Kutone to finally glow silver as the bearers heart must be pure and free of any selfish desires.

After defeating the Twin Demons Oki returns the sword to it's rightful place in Ezofuji. It is then that the prophecy finally comes true, the ice around the lake melts ("the wall of ice shall shatter") and the great Ark of Yamato floats up into the sky ("and open the way to the heavens").

[edit] Trivia

  • Kutone's hilt has the faces of five owls carved in it.

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Oki and Kutone
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