Kyukogami and his children in Okamiden
RaceBrush God
LocationMoon Tribe Ruins
Brush TechniqueMagnetism

Kyokugami is a new brush god in Okamiden. He is a whale and is accompanied by his two children who bounce on his water spout. His constellation can be found in the Moon Tribe Ruins in North Ryoshima Coast. The two Ko-Kyokugami speak in rhyme.

He gives Chibiterasu the power of Magnetism. His power can be harnessed by drawing a "U" shape between the magnets, where each end of the "U" touching against each magnet. They will then be drawn together. Drawing an upside down "U" will cause the magnets to come apart. The Holy Smoke for the Brush Technique is red.

He is covered in Celestial Markings like the rest of the gods however he has a red and blue Ying Yang sign on his head. Each of his children have half of the sign on their heads.

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