Lechku & Nechku

Lechku and Nechku
LocationWawku Shrine
Power Slash
Melee Attacks
Speed up and slow down time
Charge Attack

Lechku and Nechku, also known as the Twin Demons, are the Guardians of Wawku Shrine. They resemble owls but have clocks embedded in their bodies, which seem to give them power over time itself. Lechku is gold and appears to have the body of an analog clock and Nechku is silver and has the body of a digital clock. Amaterasu battles Nechku on its own with the help of Shiranui but she must battle both Lechku and Nechku with the help of Oki.

We see that they can control time from cutscenes and battling with them. Lechku can speed up time for a nearly undodgeable spin attack and Nechku can stop time completely but this can be countered with the use of a Brush Technique.


[edit] Role in the Plot

Long ago the Twin Demons were merely owl statues that where found at the top of Ezofuji however one day they came to life and attacked the Oina Tribe. However a "legendary Oina" battled them and cast them back to statue again and they went back to standing outside Wawku Shrine.

Their defeat

However the call of Yami brought them back to life and they attempted to wipe out the Oina. They did this by trying to slaughter them and creating a machine that would Freeze Kamui over on the Day of Darkness. Kemu tried to turn them back into statues but they were too strong and nearly killed him, causing Samickle and Oki to have to rescue him. Kemu then became too weak to preform the Volcanic Incantation so he passed on the knowledge to Lika. However Lechku and Nechku appeared to her in a dream and lured her through the Spirit Gate so that she could be the True Orochi's sacrifice. Without Lika there would be nobody to preform the Volcanic Incantation therefore Kamui would freeze over and fall to Lechku and Nechku.

However Amaterasu saves the day by rescuing Lika and following Oki past the Affun Gate and into Wawku Shrine. Nechku attacks Amaterasu but Shiranui comes from the past to help her as a way of saying thank you for saving him from a rockfall when battling the True Orochi. The duo were just about to finish Nechku off when Lechku flies in with Oki in tow. Lechku's presence revives Nechku and just before Oki can deliver the killing strike to Lechku the twin Demons freeze time. Nechku strikes his cane at Oki however Shiranui pushes him out of the way and gets hit instead, the force of the blow send him over the edge of the cliff but Amaterasu manages to catch him just in time but she is not strong enough to save him from falling over the edge. Oki has his chance to kill Nechku but instead he goes to rescue the wolf that had just saved his life, this selfless act causes Kutone to finally glow silver. The owls manage to escape so Amaterasu goes to find them while Oki waits with Shiranui for his Celestial Envoy to return. He later catches up and the two of them take down the Twin Demons together.

[edit] Encounters

[edit] Nechku

This is a very easy fight as Amaterasu is being helped by the extremely strong Shiranui. He will throw projectiles at Amaterasu which can be Power Slashed back to stun him, thus leaving him open for attack. He will also raise a bud over his head which Amaterasu can bloom to stun him once again. When he is stunned Amaterasu must hit him with her Brush Techniques, Shiranui will also draw on Aamterasu's Brush Pad to unleash an extremely strong move. Nechku's final move is that he will charge at Amaterasu with his claws in an attempt to pick her up to squish her.

[edit] Lechku and Nechku

Their defeat

Amaterasu's fighting partner Shiranui has been replaced by Oki however he has some strong moves too. Lechku will fire projectiles at Amaterasu which can be knocked back to daze him, he makes a bomb and if Amaterasu ignites the fuse with fire it will explode in his face to daze him. When he makes a bud appear over his head it can be bloomed for Solar Orbs. Nechku will raise a sword which Amterasu can electrocute with lightening to daze him and he will make an egg which Aamterasu can Power Slash to explode which will also daze him. When Amaterasu has dazed one of them twice Oki will jump on a bow and allow Amaterasu to fire him in the air, he will cling onto the chosen demon and Aamterasu can then Power Slash it to drag it to the ground so it can be attacked. Amaterasu must keep repeating this process to defeat each of them upon which they will turn into a smouldering heap on the ground. However both of them have more attacks up their sleeves, they both have a charging claw attack and if they catch Amaterasu they will toss her between each other to damage her. Lechku can also speed up time for a nearly undodgeable spin attack and Nechku will stop time but Amaterasu can attack him with a Brush Technique to unfreeze herself. They can summon Ninetails' Glaive Ninestrike to fire at will.

[edit] Based On

The two owls are based on Moshirechiku and Kotanechiku, twin owl demons from Ainu lore. They symbolise how time passes and that everything must come to an end. According to the legend, they kidnap Amaterasu but an Ainu warrior, Oki in Okami, rescues her from their clutches.

[edit] Trivia

  • Lechku and Nechku are the only bosses that you cannot fight again on the Ark of Yamato. This is probably due to the fact that Oki plays a substantial role in the fight and developing a replacement for the Ark of Yamato would have taken too long.
  • When travelling in Kamui, especially near Ezofuji, the call of owls can be heard. This could be the calls of Lechku and Nechku in the distance however even after their destruction the hooting remains.

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