FamilySister: Kai

Lika is a member of the Oina Tribe and she lives in a hut near the top of Wep'keer with her sister Kai. Like the rest of the tribe she can transform into a wolf, albeit a small one and she wears a frog mask. She is the youngest member of the village.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Amaterasu does not meet Lika at first, instead Kai tells her and Issun the terrible news that she has gone missing. This is bad in another way as Lika is the only one who can preform the Volcanic Incantation which causes Ezofuji's twin peaks to erupt thus making Kamui a more bearable place to live in. If this does not happen Kamui will completely freeze over and become too harsh to be lived in.

Kemu the summons them to his hut where her tells Amaterasu and Issun that he smelt Lika near Yoshpet. This is horrible news as those who enter Yoshpet rarely come out alive. He then asks Amaterasu and Issun if they will go to Yoshpet to look for her as he is too weak too and the only other warrior, Samickle has to protect the village from Lechku and Nechku. They eventually agree and when they get to the entrance of Yoshpet Kai guides them through the "consuming forest". They find the Poncle village of Ponc'tan where they are informed that a small girl travelled through there a very days ago and disappeared into the Spirit Gate. They then eventually get the the end of the forest where they find the Spirit Gate. Issun uses his sword Denkomaru to open the mysterious door that teleports them all 100 years into the past.

They then finally find Lika after they defeat the True Orochi. She has no recall of going through the Spirit Gate, the last thing she remembers was having a dream about two owls inviting her to play with them in Yoshpet, she then woke up there. It turns out the the Twin Demons Lechku and Nechku possessed her into going there so that she would be the Orochi's sacrifice and thus never getting to say the Volcanic Incantation. Their plan to take over Kamui would then be complete.

Lika is eventually returned to Wep'keer where she gets to say the Volcaninc Incantaion making the twin peaks erupt and restoring warmth to Kamui.

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