Lucky Mallet

Lucky Mallet
TypeKey Item
Obtained FromTreasure Chest
FoundOkami: Sunken Ship
Okamiden : Sage Shrine
Obtainable InOkami

The Lucky Mallet is used to shrink Amaterasu down to Issun's size, she can then go places that where otherwise out of bounds. However the only two places that she can go using it are into The Emperor's Palace and into the tiny village of Ponc'tan. When you have been shrunk, Issun will ride upon your back and reach otherwise inaccessible treasure chests, however this is not the case in Ponc'tan as Issun will not enter there.

The Lucky Mallet is found in the Treasure room of the Sunken Ship.

[edit] Items Entry

"Magical Hammer capable of miniaturizing objects."

[edit] Okamiden

Lucky Mallet from Okamiden
Its shrinking power

The reason as to why the Lucky Mallet is aboard the Sunken Ship is explained in Okamiden. Chibiterasu and Nanami find it shrouded behind rocks in a Treasure Chest near Sage Shrine. Much to Chibiterasu's annoyance, Nanami uses it to shrink and enlarge him repeatedly for fun. She then uses it so they can both enter the Shrine together. When they returns from Sage Shrine they bring it with him. Then when the Water Dragon attacks, Kurow and Chibiterasu try to fly away but the Lucky Mallet is making Chibiterasu too heavy to carry. Captain then offers to mind it for them. It then sinks with the rest of the ship and three months later it is found by Amaterasu and Issun.

[edit] Origins

The Lucky Mallet is based off the Uchide no kozuchi, a mallet that was used change Issun Boshi back to regular size. The story goes that the tiny Issun Boshi was in love with a princess who was the daughter of his employer, however, he was ridiculed for his diminutive size. He is given a job of accompanying the princess he loves on a trip. Along the way, they run afoul of an Oni who swallows Issun Boshi whole. However, Issun Boshiforces the Oni to spit him out by poking him on the inside with his tiny needle sword. The Oni spits him out but drops the Uchide no kozuchi in his hast to escape. As his reward, the Princess uses it to grow Issun Boshi to full size and they get married.

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