Madame Fawn

Madame Fawn
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Bone Reader Madame Fawn
LocationAgata Forest

Madame Fawn is an old woman who lives in a secluded house in Agata Forest. For 500 Yen she will read bones to tell Amaterasu her fortune, which essentially is just a hint for what she is meant to do next. Issun will store these for Ammy and they will be accessible via the fan menu.

She only sees Amaterasu as a white wolf but she does not hesitate to take money from her. When you have revived the Guardian Sapling in Ryoshima Coast a tunnel to it will appear in a side room in her house. In another side room she has a glowing patch of ground which will revive Amaterasu's Solar Energy.

[edit] Okamiden

Madame Fawn makes a comeback in Okamiden. She has the same roll as before, telling fortunes in Agata Forest. She tells Chibiterasu and Kuni to explore the Demon Market and gives them white sheets of paper to use as masks. She then foretells that Nanami, Chibiterasu and Kuni are in great danger and because of this, Kokari is able to fish them out of the Demon Market before they get attacked by hoards of Demons and the Witch Queen. Then Chibiterasu and Kurow must visit her, under Kokari's advice, so they can find out that Kurow's missing wings can be found in the Demon Market. However, before she will help them, they must complete her Manifest.

[edit] Origins

Madame Fawn's Japanese name, Bokusen, is a Shinto word meaning "Divination". Divination is the act of determining the fortunes of others and influencing the divine will. Madame Fawn reads bones to see the fortunes of others, a once widely practised method in real life.

[edit] Gallery

The glowing pool
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