Gluttonous Boy Manpuku
LocationMoon Cave, Travelling Nippon
FamilyMother: Charity

Manpuku is one of Chibiterasu's partners in Okamiden. He is encountered in Moon Cave when Chibiterasu travels 100 years into the past. He is in Shinshu Field just outside the Moon Cave looking for his mother, Charity, who was kidnapped by the Imps Umami and Aji so she could be a chef for the beast Orochi. He went to look for her as he felt guilty, believing it was his love of food that led to his mother's kidnapping. Chibiterasu can find him outside the cave and he will help him to explore the Ice Room. He will only partner up with Chibiterasu if he gives him the meat he got as a reward from Nazo for finding herbs for medicine. He calls Chibiterasu Pork Chop.

He loves to eat and this is the reason why his mother is such a good cook. He comments that he once had a dog like Chibiterasu but they had to give it away because of Manpuku's gluttony. He greatly regrets that his gluttony resulted in the need to sell his dog, this is also obvious from how ever even tries to diet out of guilt. When they first encounter each other, Manpuku even mistakes him for Maru, his old dog. However, he comments that Maru did not have strange red markings, showing that he has belief in the Gods.

Manpuku is so unnaturally ravenous that upon feeling hunger he immediately must give up on his current task and lie down to seemingly wait to die from weakness of hunger. His huge appetite is shown in how he drinks all of Aji's giant pot of soup in one go. However, he see that his stomach is no completely unnatural in how he later gets pains from the soup.

In the Dark Realm, he reappears to fight alongside Chibiterasu at Ishaku's request. He is the first of Chibiterasu's partners to break into the realm. He helps Chibiterasu fight Master Anura, however, Chibiterasu must first fight a Dokuro to rescue him. He is later kidnapped by Akuro, leaving Chibiterasu to fight his final battles alone but reappears upon Akuro's death.

[edit] Abilities

Manpuku's hair can be used as a source of fire for Inferno. He can also travel over spiked floors by hiding in a pot and sealing the lid over him. When Chibiterasu first meets him, he retracts into a pot and uses his hair to cook himself a meal. He can be fired from cannons to reach areas inaccessible by foot and to help defeat Mizuchi.

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