Amaterasu shopping with the Merchant

Merchants can be found all over Nippon, usually there is a Merchant in every area. This even includes some dungeons such as Oni Island, the Imp Merchant does not even mind selling to Amaterasu. Merchants sell Amaterasu Items and the will buy her spare items, Treasures and even Fish for half their original price. They set up a little stall and sell their wares, usually near the entrance to an area.

Although she is a wolf all Merchants are happy to let her buy stuff, the see her as a mere "poochie" who is out shopping for their master. They will seem comment on whatever is happening in the area however they will not let it get in the way of their business.

Most Merchants do not have a name however a few of them introduce themselves to Amaterasu, these include Genko the Poncle Merchant and Marco the Celestial merchant. A merchant in Sei'an City specifically refers to himself as the Weapons Merchant.

[edit] Okamiden

Merchants also reappear in Okamiden. There is even the Demon Market which is a special, secret market where Demon gather to sell their wares. Most Imp Merchants are either Green Imps or the Okamiden style Blue Imps. Imp Merchants are only found in dungeons. Merchants in Okamiden will now be found in their own little hut, instead of out in the open. This is most likely due to memory capabilities of the game card. Inside each hut there will be a character called Jin, he will be able to warp Chibiterasu and his partner to Yakushi Village. He will then warp them back to the hut they warped from. He disappears once Kagu gives Chibiterasu a Prayer Slip that allows warping between Origin Mirrors.

[edit] Trivia

  • Imp Merchants have the Kanji for "goods" wrote on their masks.

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