Priest of Moon Shrine Mika
LocationShinshu Field

Mika is a monk who lives in a house beside the Lake Harami in Shinshu Field. His only role in the plot is to give Amaterasu his Wanted List. It consists of a number of Imps that can be found in Demon Scrolls around Shinshu Field after dark. His reward given for defeating them all is Gold Dust and Praise.

[edit] Okamiden

Mika returns in Okamiden where he is still the Guardian of Moon Cave, although it lies inaccessible and in ruins. He will task Chibiterasu with a Manifest subquest of finding the Amaterasu Icons that he has lost, all of which can be found in Shinshu Field.

Susano, Kurow and Chibiterasu also leave Kuni, whom they rescued from drowning in Lake Harami, on his doorstep to recover.

[edit] Gallery

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