Miko Cho

Miko Cho
LocationSei'an City

Miko Cho is a character introduced in Okamiden. She is a Miko who is looking after Sei'an City after the death of Queen Himiko. Although she is the most powerful and diligent out of all the Miko, she is rather naive. Chibiterasu falls in love with her the minute he sees her much like Amaterasu and Rao.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Chibiterasu first meets her after the Playhouse has been taken over by Demons who have also stolen her powers. She gives Kagu her Miko clothes.

After they have freed the Playhouse from the clutches of the Demons, she gives Kagu the Enchantment Slip as she has proven her powers and worth as a Miko. Kagu must use the Enchantment Slip to purify all the cursed houses as she does not have her full powers back.

When she is encountered again, she commends Kagu on her hard work and tells her she is ready to start her Miko training. But Kagu decides to stay with Chibiterasu for a while, so Miko Cho returns to the Imperial Palace where all the Miko's are trained.

When King Fury places a curse on Sei'an City, she sends Kagu to find Chibiterasu.

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