Mini Games

There are three types of Mini Games in Okami:

  • Digging Minigames, where you help a human find something by finding a safe route through the ground.
  • Rolling Minigames, where you move an object from one place to another
  • Racing Minigames, where you must race against another character in the hopes of beating them.

Some of them are required to progress in the game but most of them are simply sidequests. The give out rewards such as Treasures, Stray Beads, Secret Brush Techniques and Praise.

[edit] Okamiden

In Okamiden, only Racing Minigames make a prominent return. Objects still need to be rolled to complete the game but there are no actual sidequests involving them.

There are two racing minigames in Okamiden. Both of them involve running away from an infuriated Witch Queen in the Demon Market. The first time, Chibiterasy must run away with Nanami through the streets of the Demon Market until they are rescued by Kokari before the With Queen can catch up. The second time it is with Kurow where Chibiterasu is pushing him in a mine cart through a side scrolling course.

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